If you are a Tequila connoisseur and have a doubt, I will be more than pleased to respond your Tequila special questions:

CHIP: Here’s my question. As a rum and whiskey drinker, anything aged less than maybe 3 years is really very young and not especially interesting. Why and how can anejos like this one exclaim their complexity and wood aging when it is aged just a year?

2.     Anejo Tequilas have at least 1 yr. in a 200 Lts. barrel and only some of them get the complexity you can find in  good quality Anejos. This is due to Agave sugar quality, agave quality and a careful process.

3.     When you taste a good Blanco Tequila just as it is coming out from distillation, flavor is very nice and sweet, very different than if you compare with a whisky, or bourbon at same production stage. Tequila’s flavor complexity is already present at this point.

4.     This fact is because sugar has been building up in the agave in the form of  starch or polysaccharides, during more than 7 years, the time it takes agave to ripe, compared with cane sugar for rum or wheat sugar for whisky where plant  source is harvested 2 or 3 times a year, so it’s sugar has not same quality as Agave sugar.

5.     During the long  agave’s maturity time, there are some elements named flavonoids that builds up and  once cooked  produce a wider spectrum of aromas and flavors than other spirit have.

6.     Good Tequila does not need so much time in the barrel, they do not need to mask its essence behind a barrel attributes.  Tequila needs to keep its essence because it is born with a great one.

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